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Drop in Workshops

Group workshops designed to introduce you to the world of image and makeup in a fun, social setting.

Just You and Your Friends

Spend time with your favourite women learning about image, beauty and makeup. Some wine and snacks make it a party!

1 to 1

If you're really serious about upping your game and getting clear on how to look your very best, working privately is the way to go.

Why Image & Makeup Help?

Nothing feels better then looking and feeling your absolute best. To make a powerful, memorable, positive first impression.

What does it take for you to look and feel your most beautiful?

Eat well. A positive attitude. Sweat most days. Love and be loved. Rest. An open mind. Care in how you dress and carry yourself. And last but definitely not least … great makeup.

The world of beauty, clothes and makeup has gone a little crazy. Nearly all women wear makeup and care deeply about their appearance. But the vast majority of woman I meet don’t feel like they know what they’re doing when it comes to their image and their makeup, and hesitate to comfortably talk about their beauty.

Why is this? Here’s my theory:

It’s all so overwhelming!

Step into any Sephora, cosmetic counter or delve into the world of online shopping. Ahaaaa! So much stuff! How do you choose??

What used to look great on you 5, 10 years ago just doesn’t work anymore. Your body and skin has changed, styles have changed, YOU as an individual have changed. You’ve matured. You’re a woman now, no longer a young girl. You’re ready for a look that tells the world to take you seriously. That you are someone to be respected and listened to. Someone to do real business with. Someone to fall in love with.

And let’s be real here – you’re busy.

You’ve got a ton on the go and trying to keep all those balls in the air can feel like too much.

I’ve got good news for you.

Makeup really doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming to be effective.

And the impact on your sense of self for prioritizing those few extra moments has tremendous ripple effects through all areas of your life. I’ve experienced this first hand myself and seen it happen for hundreds of other woman.

Makeup Magic

  • Mindset

  • Skill

  • Support

What Colours and Styles of Makeup Look Best On You?

We can all agree that there is no shortage of information available. Every magazine is full of tips and suggestions. YouTube. Friends. Salespeople.

But here’s the problem… none of this is tailored specifically to you, and unless you’re really lucky, your friend is not a makeup expert.  Your skin colour, your skin type, the shape of your features, your body, your personality. And how does this pair with your knowledge of how to actually execute the makeup style you desire. How does this fit your budget, your personal taste and comfort level with makeup? You need information and help that simplifies everything and gives you a concrete action plan with step by step instructions to get you to where you want to be, looking like the very best version of yourself possible in a time efficient way.

You are a busy woman with more important things to be doing than slaving away over your appearance. Yes, it’s important to look your best, but no, it does not need to take up vast amounts of your time or energy.

The Perfect Look

You at your best

Is Looking Your Best Worth The Time, Effort, And Expense?

Yes! Yes! And yes! Every woman has a different story, a different personal experience of makeup, beauty and her own unique style. But regardless of all these differences, there is no denying the power and importance of putting your best foot forward. In business and in life.

Not everyone grew up interested in, or around, fashion and makeup. Maybe your mom never fussed a lot, or thought looking great was just for very special occasions. Maybe you lacked the female guidance to usher you into the intoxicating and glorious world of gloss, colour and sparkle. Or maybe you were a bit of a tomboy and simply weren’t interested in playing with makeup and fashion.

Maybe you used to really be into makeup and playing around with self expression. When you had two of the most precious commodities to spare; time and money. You loved nothing better than to spend time on your appearance, looking your best. Then maybe you got married, had children. Time and disposable money both seemingly vanished into thin air. A few years have slipped by and you’ve lost that solid connection you used to have with your hot, stylish, beautiful savvy self.

What are all the new products and styles out there? What’s right for you? You get that 19 year old makeup and dress is different than 38  or 45 year old makeup. But heaven help you if you know what that difference is. You’re more than a little lost.

Whatever your reasons may be, here you are now. A successful, savvy woman who understands the power and importance of great makeup, who wants to feel confident about how to choose the right products and how to use them to her best advantage. Beauty School with Adrienne Furrie is your answer, be it a group makeup workshop or a more intimate one-on-one experience. A professional, sophisticated, top notch learning environment that is also friendly and not intimidating or over whelming.

About Adrienne 

I LOVE makeup. Absolutely. Freakin. Love it.

I love how it sparkles and shines, how makeup smells. I love how it feels gliding across my skin, the unlimited rainbow of colours, and never ending textures.

I love the fantasy of makeup; what it promises, and what it delivers.

I love the ritual of getting ready. The ritual of choosing who I want to be that day; playful and innocent, polished and professional, a natural beauty, or a fully glammed-out bombshell. (and of course the days with the kids underfoot are all about speed!)

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“Taking joy in living is a woman’s best cosmetic.”

-Rosalind Russell


Imagine being able to do just the right makeup for yourself, quickly and without fuss – wouldn’t that be great?

Imagine looking your most vibrant and beautiful with just a few straightforward steps.

Imagine presenting the real, authentic you that is your most pulled together and polished. A woman that others want to get to know, to do business with, be in relationships with.

Imagine understanding how to use colour to your best advantage, and yes, how to finally do the perfect smoky eye.

Imagine having the skill and confidence to look your very best every single day.

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"Adrienne gets it. She knows what it is to be a woman who wants to look and feel amazing and she knows how to make it happen. I worked with Adrienne for many years as a professional makeup artist and I implicitly trust her instinct for trends, makeup, colours, and general fabulousness. In the sometimes confusing, always fascinating world of makeup and beauty Adrienne is a consummate professional, completely warm and engaging, and she will be a wonderful guide to help you achieve your beauty goals."

STASIA SCHMIDT - Makeup artist

"Adrienne has done my makeup on numerous occasions and I absolutely love what she does! She is always professional, fun and generous with her expertise. Adrienne is different from other makeup artists I've worked with as she takes the time to explain different techniques, colour choices, why and how certain looks will work for you, etc. For my wedding makeup consultation, Adrienne helped me figure out what would work best for the big day and walked me through several different options. She was so fantastic to work with. I felt very comfortable and confident that she understood what I was looking for. I would absolutely recommend Adrienne to anyone looking for a wonderful makeup artist, and she will continue to be my go-to person for special events!"


"As a colleague and fellow artist I admire Adrienne's natural ability to connect with people. She executes beautiful make up that enhances her clients natural beauty. Her passion comes through in her work which creates a positive memorable experience!"

RACHEL JONES, Makeup Artist

"I love having my makeup done by Adrienne!! She knows exactly how to play up my best features, and she provides lessons and tips while she is working. Whenever I have a special event she is the first person I call. I always feel at my most beautiful when Adrienne has done my makeup!"

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