I love the kind of makeup that makes it damn near impossible to not walk a little taller, with your shoulders back and your gaze held high.

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Great intuition for what makeup will best suit your colouring, personality and lifestyle to pull together a sophisticated, beautiful look.


Love what I do and have boundless energy and enthusiasm to teach and inspire all things makeup, beauty and style.

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Adrienne Furrie / Makeup + Image Expert


I’m a momma to two beautiful children.
I have two big, crazy wonderful dogs.
I am madly in love with, and married to, my high school sweetheart.
I’m a dedicated yogi, I’ve been practicing since my early twenties and am trained and certified to teach.
I’m a professionally trained life coach and bring a wealth of this knowledge to all my makeup and beauty work
I love dance music.
I secretly fancy myself a 70’s glamazon badass.
Madonna is my hero and can do no wrong in my books.
I read. A ton.
I say the words “like” and “awesome” far too much for someone who knows better.

I LOVE makeup. Absolutely. Freakin’. Love it!

I Love how makeup sparkles, how it shines, how it smells like vanilla and chocolate, how it feels gliding across my skin. I love the fantasy of makeup, what it promises, and what it delivers.

I love the ritual of getting ready, choosing who I want to be that day; playful and innocent, polished and professional, a natural beauty, or a fully glammed out bombshell. The ritual of applying makeup, selecting an outfit, the unfolding of the finished results – sheer delight.

When I do makeup and pull together a look for myself and for others I’m not about over the top, super crazy, heavy, wild looks. While there’s definitely a time and a place for it, say walking down a runway, in a fashion magazine spread, or on Lady Gaga – it just doesn’t typically fly in the real world.

What I do best is to choose and apply the kind of makeup and create looks that makes a woman look in the mirror with amazement at the truly stunning version of herself looking back at her. It’s very much still her, she has not been radically ‘transformed’, it’s simply a perfectly polished version of herself that showcases precisely the woman she is in that moment of time. Chic. Sophisticated. And naturally beautiful.

And I strive to keep everything as straightforward and quick as possible because you have way more important things to be doing than slaving over your appearance.

I invite you into the magical and powerful world of truly awesome, well-executed, beautiful makeup. Where sometimes less is more, and other times more is more. And I’m excited to teach you the skills to then create this for yourself. The skills to make your skin glow, your eyes look big and bright (or dark and sexy as the desired effect may be), your lips look plump and inviting.   You sparkle. You radiate. You are professional. You are confident, and yes, a little (or maybe a lot) sexy.

Makeup and clothes have been major players in my life since I was young.

I’ve always been fascinated by the power of self expression through appearance. I had a mom who let me play around with her makeup as a young girl, I was intoxicated by the beautiful, sparkling metallic shades.  I experimented with wild and very dramatic makeup and fashion in my teen years (this was during the reign of the goth / grunge years – imagine lots of dark brooding lipstick and extremely pale, powdered skin, and shredded fishnet tights – have no fear, I’ve moved on since then).

I did the practical thing and got a business degree. And then I did the passionate, creative thing and worked with M.A.C cosmetics as a full time makeup artist.

I was in absolute heaven during my time with M.A.C. This world class cosmetic company took me from a naturally talented, but untrained makeup lover, to the rank of world class, fashion runway show certified, professional makeup artist.

Zoom forward a few more years and things got a little bumpy.  I somehow (don’t ask) ended up working downtown in a yes, cubicle. The professional makeup piece was still there, but it was relegated to the background, (not the foreground where it rightfully belonged).

I’d lost touch with the former slightly eccentric, creative, confident, makeup and fashion loving woman that I truly was deep inside. She was hidden behind what felt to be an imposters wardrobe of corporate garb and scrubbed down makeup and hair.

And then toss into the mix, I became a mother.

Any of you out there that have children, or close friends that do, will know exactly what that means.

Whatever shades of my former fabulous self remained were clinging on for deal life.

Now don’t get me wrong. I LOVED being a new mom and the whole experience was earth shaking in the most profoundly of glorious and wonderful ways. But it sure wasn’t a time of confident personal expression.

You want to know what finally re-connected me with my true sense of self?

Makeup and playing around with fashion again.

I started really doing my makeup again (not just the same old, same old thing), I started putting effort into shopping again, getting inspired.

I started saying yes to professional, creative makeup work again.

The journey continues day by day, the continual unfolding of understanding who we are in this world, what we are here to do, the difference we are here to make.

Makeup has proved to be nothing short of magical in its influence over my life and I’ve seen the difference it can make in the lives of so many other women. Beautiful makeup doesn’t care if you’re 50 pounds overweight, on a tight or lavish budget, time strapped or have all the time in the world – it’s about effort, and simply choosing to put your your best self forward.

I can’t wait to meet you and share the magic and power of beautiful, straightforward, and sophisticated makeup.  Let’s do this!


“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

-Kahil Gibran


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