“Adrienne you are such an Incredible Woman, Teacher and Mentor. I’m so grateful that we have met and am so inspired by you!” ~ Michelle Clarke


Michelle is a vibrant, passionate woman who LOVES makeup, deep in her soul, loves it. The passion and interest in learning to work confidently with makeup has been with Michelle since a very young age. All that was missing was expert guidance and fine tuning around the technical skills of colour, types of products that would work best in different situations, and understanding how to select the right makeup brush for the job.


After a few group workshops and several months of working together one on one, Michelle is now at the place with her makeup where she is picking out her own looks and replicating them. This days lesson was a gorgeous rainbow of parrot blue and aqua shadows, complete with false lashes, and best of all…. GLITTER!!! Seriously. Awesome. This is a woman going places with her makeup skills, keep your eyes open for her because beautiful things are coming.


Witnessing the change of when makeup ‘clicks’ and a woman starts to get it, and handle it confidently, is thrilling.  A whole new world opens up, a world of pleasure and creativity.  Makeup moves from being a thing of rut, routine and perhaps even drudgery, to a thing of empowered, creative joy.

Michelle Clarke / On Beauty School Makeup Lessons

Sonia Palak / On Beauty School Makeup Lessons

“Thank you once again for your stellar coaching and guidance in helping me create my all time favourite party make up! I love it so much and you have rekindled a love affair with red lipstick again. Life’s good when there’s red lipstick in it!

You’re an inspiring teacher Adrienne and all around badass 😉. So lucky I get to work with you.”

I am honoured to be the preferred makeup vendor for weddings and other special events held at the exclusive and stunningly beautiful Glencoe Golf and Country Club and downtown Calgary Glencoe Club. See here for event hosting details at the Golf and Country Club. And here for event hosting details at the downtown Glencoe Club.

Weddings at the Glencoe Golf & Country Club, and the downtown Glencoe Club / Preferred Makeup Vendor

Barb Heinonen / On Her Wedding Day

“Adrienne made me beautiful on my wedding day. Taking into account the surroundings of the venue, and knowing my personality, she worked her magic to create the perfect effect.”

“Adrienne truly is a magician when it comes to makeup!! She always ensures I look flawless, and appropriate for the event I am going to. Having her with me on my wedding day ensured i was the most beautiful girl in the room ;)”

Claire Wood / On Her Wedding Day

Katie Murray / On Her Wedding Day

“Adrienne Furrie did my makeup for my wedding four years ago and I couldn’t of asked for a better job.
Adrienne made me feel very relaxed with pre wedding jitters and made the morning fun and enjoyable.
All of my bridesmaids, my mother and I looked stunning for one of the most memorable days of my life. The makeup was flawless and remained that way for the entire day and night!

I recommended her services for my sister in laws wedding two years later and again a fantastic job was done by Adrienne.”

“Yesterday my husband and I returned from Atlanta, Ga where we spent the weekend connecting with old friends. One of them showed us photos from our wedding that we had not seen before and commented on just how beautiful and youthful I looked. Adrienne had done my wedding day make up and looking at these photos I realized what a wonderful job she did! I did indeed look both beautiful and youthful, not the easiest thing to master when working with a 58 year old bride! Thank you again, Adrienne, for showing me at my best on my special day .”

Cindy Eeson / On Her Wedding Day

“The best part of beauty is that which no picture can express.”

– Francis Bacon

"Adrienne gets it. She knows what it is to be a woman who wants to look and feel amazing and she knows how to make it happen. I worked with Adrienne for many years as a professional makeup artist and I implicitly trust her instinct for trends, makeup, colours, and general fabulousness. In the sometimes confusing, always fascinating world of makeup and beauty Adrienne is a consummate professional, completely warm and engaging, and she will be a wonderful guide to help you achieve your beauty goals."

STASIA SCHMIDT - Makeup artist

"Adrienne has done my makeup on numerous occasions and I absolutely love what she does! She is always professional, fun and generous with her expertise. Adrienne is different from other makeup artists I've worked with as she takes the time to explain different techniques, colour choices, why and how certain looks will work for you, etc. For my wedding makeup consultation, Adrienne helped me figure out what would work best for the big day and walked me through several different options. She was so fantastic to work with. I felt very comfortable and confident that she understood what I was looking for. I would absolutely recommend Adrienne to anyone looking for a wonderful makeup artist, and she will continue to be my go-to person for special events!"


"As a colleague and fellow artist I admire Adrienne's natural ability to connect with people. She executes beautiful make up that enhances her clients natural beauty. Her passion comes through in her work which creates a positive memorable experience!"

RACHEL JONES, Makeup Artist

"I love having my makeup done by Adrienne!! She knows exactly how to play up my best features, and she provides lessons and tips while she is working. Whenever I have a special event she is the first person I call. I always feel at my most beautiful when Adrienne has done my makeup!"


Coleen & Janelle Kakakaway / Graduation

“We asked Adrienne if she would do my daughter, Janelle’s, makeup for her Grade 12 graduation. Adrienne took the time to find out what style Janelle was looking for and then created an amazing natural look for her. The makeup was subtle and really enhanced her eyes, exactly what she wanted. Janelle received so many compliments and she couldn’t have been more happy with the results.”

“I was amazed at what I didn’t know when it came to make-up. I always felt rushed and overwhelmed by it, but catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror not wearing it would make me feel embarrassed and unkempt. I like the natural look, but I wanted to still look bright-eyed and enhance my features. I wanted to look professional but not need to put on layers of makeup every day. Adrienne helped me to find my style, and provided me with the tools and skills to put together two looks – a quick 5-minute everyday look that is effortless, and a more evening/glamorous look that makes me feel confident and beautiful. Now I am always complimented when I wear makeup, which allows me to have more confidence and feel good that I am put together!”

Leigh Chmilar / Personal Trainer

Jennifer Powter / Weightloss + Fitness Expert


I swear to god you work magic with makeup – not only that, you’ve taught ME how to work magic with make up!!! I never thought that would be possible. As a busy mama to two and self employed health + fitness professional who lives in tank tops and tights (and only lip gloss + mascara) I tended to shy away from putting on make up as I always used the excuses “It takes too much time” or “I’ll sweat it off anyways so what’s the point?”
But the real truth is I love make up – I just didn’t feel confident in knowing what to do with it. And even after getting make up consultations where they supposedly “show” you how to do it I still never really got the hang of it. After literally spending only 30 minutes with you and seeing how you just took a few products that I already owned and showed me how to use them for a “day make up” look and then a “night makeup” look – well, it was nothing short of incredible. In less than 5 minutes I looked SO good!! Who knew I could look that hot, ha!!!???? I’ll never forget the “rim job” – VaBOOM went my eyes!
Your personalized and customized approach really worked for me. Thank you. It was great to be in my home, use the products I already owned, ditch what didn’t suit and get expert advice for products I could benefit from.   Can’t wait to work with you again for my video shoots!

“I called Adrienne a few days before my very small wedding ceremony. She graciously agreed to fit me in early in the day and was very accommodating of my tight schedule. She did an amazing job! I asked for flawless skin and heavy eye makeup, and she delivered perfectly- adding a bit of bridal blush to round out the look. Adrienne has an incredible attention to detail – she takes her art seriously, and it shows. Not only was the finished look just what I wanted, we had fun! Adrienne is easygoing and kind, and brings a relaxed energy to her work. I highly recommend Adrienne for make up, in a wedding or for any special event. Thanks again, Adrienne!”

Sarah Drummond / On Her Wedding Day

Katherine Stewart / Account Director | Principal

“Adrienne did an exceptional job on my makeup for my stepbrothers wedding. Her level of professionalism is second-to-none, and is only matched by the level of care and detail she puts into her craft. She listened to how I wanted to look like, and created a look that took me from day to night, and didn’t wear off! The entire bridal party really enjoyed having Adrienne and her team as a part of such an important day. Adrienne is my go to makeup gal – whether it be for a wedding or special night out!”

“I am always in awe of people that can apply make up flawlessly, especially on someone else. I truly believe it is an art form. I don’t get the opportunity to have my make up done very often, but there have been a few times in the past where is has happened and hasn’t gone as well as I’d hoped. Then, I met Adrienne. Thank goodness! I had an important event that I needed to look my best for and Adrienne was the artist for the job. Not only does she make her clients feel super comfortable and relaxed, she actually LISTENS to what you were thinking about for your face. Then, like a true expert, she can take that knowledge, pair it with her expertise and make amazing things happen. I was so happy with the results! My expectations were exceeded and the experience was wonderful.

Next time I need my make up done, Adrienne will be my first call.”

Stacey Walyuchow /
Founder FosterMAK Making Art Known

Karina Sampson / Entrepreneur | New Mom

“Having my makeup done by a professional like Adrienne for my photoshoot gave me greater confidence to have my picture taken, while still feeling totally like myself. Every time I get the opportunity to work with Adrienne (let it be attending one of her Beauty School Seminars, or one-on-one consultation) I learn so much about how to better my application skill (always a work in progress), how to feel more comfortable and confident, and have more fun using makeup!


Thank you Adrienne!”

“Audrey’s dress was this amazing, shimmering icy, crystal covered masterpiece. Combined with her flawless complexion and great eyes we had a lot of fun creating a makeup look that was dramatic, pretty and complimented her dress.  Audrey truly looked like a princess as she walked out the door. Beautiful.” ~ Adrienne

Audrey Lennon /

Calgary Fashion Event / May Kit Happen 2015 Show

“The makeup we did for the May Kit Happen 2015 show was bold and simple. Flawless skin, dark defined brow, defined crease and cheeks, bright pop of colour on the lips.” ~ Adrienne

“Adrienne, thank you so much for all of your effort on my wedding day, especially driving out to our house! We were all happy with our makeup and we were so lucky you spent lots of time with each of us. We felt special and we really appreciate your effort! Thanks as well for accommodating everyone and keeping to the schedule! You are the best!”

Love, Kari-Ann & Jason

Kari-Ann McNabb /
On Her Wedding Day

Calgary Fashion Event / Ecole Holt Couture Fundraiser for Making Changes 2014 Show

“This show was a blast, I had everyone in my makeup chair from Ecole Holt Couture students who were showcasing their couture design work that day, to young teens and professional women volunteering their time and support for Making Changes, an organization which provides services and resources to women in transition, helping them to build confidence and skills.” ~ Adrienne

“I was referred to Adrienne and man am I happy I found her! I originally had sent her two photos of makeup that I liked, and she managed to take a bit from both photos to create my bridal look. She did all my bridesmaids makeup and she made them all not only look, but feel beautiful! Adrienne took her time with each and everyone of them giving them all there own looks. Our makeup lasted all day without melting off our faces. She went above and beyond my expectations with my makeup, my face looked flawless. She is so talented and could not be anymore sweet and kind.”

Katelyn Kostrosky /
On Her Wedding Day