Image Reinvention Program



If you’re tired of struggling with makeup and clothes and feeling that nothing ever looks quite how you want it to, then it’s time to get the answers. 


Tired of not being able to look as pulled together and stylish as you’d like to even though you are smart, hardworking, talented woman? Are you tired of aimlessly buying new makeup and clothes hoping they’ll be the solution you’re looking for?


Imagine if you never had to deal with shopping stress again?  What would it be like if everyday when you sat down to do your makeup or opened your wardrobe to get dressed you confidently knew exactly what to do and what made you look and feel like a million dollars?


What kind of a difference would that make for you? How many hours of your time and dollars in your bank saved? How much frustration avoided? How many opportunities might you say yes to?


For the first time ever I’m sharing the makeup and image knowledge I previously only shared with my high end private clients available at a rate I’ve never offered before. Introducing “Image Reinvention” a one of a kind group training program that will give you every resource you need to build your makeup skills and figure out your top notch image faster than you ever thought possible.




Thought of you this week and wanted to give you an update. We had 3 busy days at work with our main client visiting our office for meetings. I felt very confident…just rocked the whole visit … And that was while getting over a cold. It felt like I had my old “fire” or “light” back. My boss complimented me on a presentation that I gave and .. our client commented on how fun my shoes were :). It was business casual or jeans, but I think I nailed it by first impression with business outfit and then more casual.” ~ Laurie M , Calgary, Project Manager, mom of 3



“There have been so many benefits from working with Adrienne. ..I feel confident in my makeup application skill set and it takes me a lot less time to complete quality looks now. It’s so nice to spend less time doing my makeup with better results! I actually enjoy doing my makeup now and it doesn’t feel like a chore anymore. I can complete a wide variety of looks now so it doesn’t matter where I’m headed that day – I can create a look that complements the day. Now when I see a makeup look I like I have the skill set to analyze what went into the look so I can create it myself. I have the confidence to try new looks on my own and I’m really enjoying how creative I can be with my makeup. Completing my makeup for special occasions could get quite stressful in the past but now it’s a fun opportunity to create a beautiful look. I’m presenting a more polished and professional version of myself in the office now which strengthens and highlights the great work I was already doing. One benefit I hadn’t really anticipated when I signed up … was the self-reflection I completed throughout the duration of the course. I had signed up with the intention to up my makeup game but found that while working on the outside I also did a lot of self-reflection and I learned a lot more about myself.

I’m so happy that I made this investment in myself. I’ve gained an important skill set that will be with me for life. I’m so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with Adrienne and look forward to working with her again in the future. She’s a wonderful women with a true gift that she loves to share. ” ~ R. Williams, Calgary, business analyst


In this program you’ll learn:

  • The thought process that goes into creating each makeup look and pulling the whole thing together into a cohesive look from head to toe
  • The insider tips of a pro makeup artist that has taught 100s of women how to do the kind of makeup they’ve always to do but could never quite figure out on their own
  • Step by step process to building a wardrobe that actually works for you so you never have to worry again about having nothing to wear
  • How to create massive interest in who you are and what you bring to the table just through your appearance – this is about respect . Respect of self and respect from others


The key focus of this group is to give you practical, simple, and highly effective skills that any woman can use that allow you to look and feel like the powerful, confident, woman you are AND do so in a supportive environment that you can go to 24/7 for support when you need it most. Not only will you get mentoring from me but you will benefit from all the other members.



Here’s some of  the trainings we have lined up that will help you go from feeling invisible and struggling to eye catching and pulled together not some day but now:

  • Mindset for transformation and success
  • Makeup 101 – Simple Chic 5 Minute Everyday Makeup that every woman must know how to do
  • Makeup 201 – Polished and Professional – Perfect makeup for important business events, speaking on stage, photography and video and daytime social functions
  • Makeup 301 – Smoky, Glamorous Evening Makeup – Perfect for galas, dates and nights out with friends
  • Edit your closet – from overwhelm to functional – philosophy of capsule wardrobe applied to daily life
  • Understanding and learning to use the critical makeup brushes that make the difference between amateur and pro results
  • Mapping out your image and the strategic steps to get you from A to B as fast and simply as possible
  • Strategies of successful shopping that don’t break the bank but have you looking like a million dollars
  • Pulling looks together from head to toe



I bring an extensive background of professional training and real world experience to the table.  Makeup, fashion, art and beauty have been in my blood since I was old enough to hold a pencil crayon. I worked in the fashion industry and as a professional makeup artist with M.A.C cosmetics in my early twenties. Right from the beginning I’ve had an intuitive eye for helping every single woman I work with to see her natural beauty and power, and to experience fun and pleasure with her appearance. I also bring a real world understanding of business, both small and big, and busy family life.


I have personally experienced the frustration of feeling in a rut, out of touch  and somewhat invisible after being home for several years with my young children, plus the struggles of dealing with a changed post pregnancy body.  It was from pulling myself out of this personal experience and seeing so many other woman around me struggling to get out of their ruts that I started teaching the steps I took coupled with my nearly 20 years professional expertise in makeup, fashion, personal development and business.


Details of Group Program:

  • Monthly Live virtual Makeup training session – $1,100.00 (you will get 3)
  • Monthly Live virtual Q&A session  – $497.00 (you will get 3)
  • Monthly Image training videos and assignments – $297.00 (you will get 6)
  • Private Facebook group for accountability, and support when you need it  – priceless
  • Next upcoming program starts June 6th’17

*all virtual sessions are recorded so if you miss a session you can tune in later*


Total Value of this program is well over $2,000.00.


But here’s the deal –


When you reserve your spot for the June 2017 program you pay:


$747  one time payment




or three monthly payments of $275 


The next time this program runs in the fall the price will be $997 – so if you’re interested the best pricing is now


Space is limited and the first program sold out so reserve your spot today === >>>

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So what would it be like to know that you could have access to all the resources you need to really get a handle on your makeup skills and put together a wardrobe that really works for you. And to do all that in community with other women who have been where you are and are serious about change.





“Professionally, and personally I wanted my appearance to announce “Here comes a force to be reckoned with. I am strong, I am confident”. And maybe even more importantly, I wanted to feel womanly and attractive again. I used to get compliments on how beautiful I was and I wanted to hear that again, and most importantly, to feel and believe it.

AND, I needed to be able to do all of this in a realistic amount of time! I’m a busy woman and don’t have all day to spend dressing and doing my makeup and hair. I needed to be able to pull myself together quickly, know I look great, and get out the door.

Adrienne provided the plan, the expertise and the support and I put in the work. After just a few months I could tell my effort was paying off. I felt different and I acted differently. I was back. My kids noticed, complimenting me on how good I looked, my husband definitely took notice, and I had the confidence to really step up and go for it at work.

You couldn’t ask for someone more dedicated to your best interests than Adrienne, she’s truly got your back and damn, the woman knows what she’s talking about.”  ~Thu Huong Tran Pham, IT professional and mother of two

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