And we’re full!




Exciting news to share – this upcoming round of Image Reinvention is officially at max capacity and registration is now closed! Whoooo hoooo!!! A big huge welcome again to all of you who have joined us. This is going to be an AWESOME, powerful, transformative 12 weeks.


I’ve been a creative whirlwind these past few weeks (my husband Brian would point out this is always the case – however things have been at an especially feverish pitch) pulling together all the various elements to make this experience as top notch as possible for our new group members.


The first of several planned video shoots took place last weekend and my home was transformed into a production set. Sam, one of my dogs, was on hand to keep a sharp eye on proceedings.


Nothing like the power of a firm deadline to spur action.


Where in your life could you create self imposed deadlines to help nudge you along in goals you’ve been talking about but not taking action on? This is often one of the big motivations behind, and benefits of, joining a program or signing yourself up for something. It creates deadlines and accountability, it gets you moving and taking action, whether you’re in the mood or not.


For those of you that were thinking of joining this program but hesitated take heart, a summer course is in the works and details will be out in the near future.


In the meantime however for those of you that live in the Calgary area, I invite you to join us for Image Talks, a live event hosted here at The Studio, on Thursday March 23rd at 7:00pm.





This evening is for you moms who are feeling ready to not look like a mom all the time.


If you’re feeling ready to ditch the jeans, t shirts and Lululemons 24-7 and pull on something a little more feminine and stylish again.


Ready to kick the makeup routine up a notch from just chapstick and mascara.


Image Talks
When You’re Done with Being a Frumpy Mommy


And you’re ready to be seen as the competent, womanly person you are. Being a mom is amazing and wonderful, but it’s a far cry from being all you bring to the table and you are ready to get back out there again, to pursue your goals, and to look the part, to turn heads again.


Image Talks is your opportunity to learn how to take control of your image, so you are seen and stand out for the right reasons.


The evening includes a teaching session on stepping out of frumpy mom mode and into powerful, pulled together womanhood and open forum discussion and Q&A.


Space is limited, only 9 spots remaining, so reserve your spot today by clicking here


Adrienne Furrie

Makeup + Image Expert