Spring Fever Makeup

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It’s that time of year when we frozen Canadian women start to shake off the snow flakes and heavy winter coats and reach for our spring gear (many of us, myself included!, a solid month before it’s actually reasonable to be doing so, but c’est la vie!)


Let me preface this by saying that no, just because it’s a new season this does not mean that you ‘must’ change your makeup. However, if you feel the urge, go with it, don’t hold back!


Much like the seasons of the year naturally compel us to reach for different foods and wear different clothes, so is the case with makeup.


There is certainly no one way that entails Spring Makeup. Instead, if you want to channel your spring energy into your makeup think about the following ideas:


  • Lighten up – choose softer colours, let go of the deep, dramatic colours of the fall and winter
  • Classic bets this time of year are the soft floral shades of pinks, apricots, soft purples
  • No, this does not need to apply to your entire face of makeup, lest you risk looking like a pastel china doll (not a bad look, but probably not what most of you are aiming for!)
  • Instead think of your lips and cheeks – these are two easy areas to keep makeup feeling current and seasonal.
  • The overall feeling when I think of Spring makeup is soft and feminine. (i.e. the opposite of heavy, sultry, dramatic)


Also cast an eye to your hair and the rest of your wardrobe – not to be all match matchy with your makeup, but just aim to keep the whole thing feeling harmonious. Many women will often lighten their hair a shade or two as we head into the warmer months. You’re ready to ditch the heavy parka and bring out the lovely spring coats – go with it! Just stash a sweater in the car for those chilly mornings heading out the door.




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