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A number one place to get great ideas on how to do your makeup is other women. No great newsflash there!


Yes, you can look in the high fashion glossy magazines, but the problem with looking there is that 99% of those images are so digitally altered that what you’re looking at doesn’t actually exist on this fair planet of ours, just in the creative mind of a designer. I’ve actually found that the two places I love to look the most are:


  1. Real live women I meet who have done something delightful with their makeup; and
  2. Gossip tabloids.  (they’re my dirty little secret, I love buying these magazines, though I’ve cut way back and save them mostly now as a delicious little treat every now and then, it feels like I’m buying something embarrassing, I hide them under my virtuous healthy organic produce at the check out line.)


But in all seriousness, the tabloids offer up a ton of inspiring makeup (and fashion/hair) ideas that while aspirational in the fact that these are celebrities with full access to ‘glam squads’, the majority of the images at least aren’t overly, if at all, digitally altered, so you get a much more realistic representation of the makeup.


And then what do you actually do with these images? Try to find someone who vaguely resembles you, you don’t have to be long lost twin sisters, but at least try to be within the same basic ball park of skin tone, facial features (particularly eye shape) and overall style.


Here are my personal celebrity makeup and style inspirations:

  • Kate Hudson – She’s sunny and cheerful, she’s got wild curly blond hair and she’s fit as hell – I like her golden girl natural style
  • Kate Moss – serious style goddess right here. Often when I’m shopping I’ll muse to myself “would Kate wear this?” and if the answer is a resounding Hell No, then that’s often enough for me to put it back on the shelf.
  • Bridget Bardot – I love her sexy messy hair and cat eye makeup


One of the key things I find myself teaching to my makeup clients is to really start training their eye to understand what they’re looking at when analyzing a face of makeup.


The typical woman who isn’t highly trained in makeup just sees one whole unified look. Which makes it next to impossible for her to ever try and replicate a similar look on herself.


What you have to do is learn how to break down what you’re seeing into its small, detailed components. I have one client in particular who has recently just unlocked the key to doing this and every time I see her she exclaims in delight how she’s really starting to be much more aware of what other woman have done with their makeup, the good and the bad!


Here are the key components that I always look at when de-coding a makeup look:

  • Skin texture – matte or dewy
  • Any hi lighted areas of the face – brow bone? Cheekbones? Cupids bow? Forehead? Along top of nose? Eyelid? Inner corner of eye?
  • Basic placement of eyeshadows – round? elongated?
  • Use of dark pencils around the eye? Placed where?
  • Basic colour palette being used on eyes/cheeks and lips
  • How bold is the brow
  • What’s happening with the lips? Nude? Colourful? Thicker lipstick vs light stain? Glossy? Matte?
  • Any contouring around the cheekbones?
  • Are they wearing false lashes (probably yes!)


Once you learn how to start doing this it’s like a magical world unlocks to you where you learn how to start playing around with your own makeup more and having some real fun with it, it doesn’t seem so mysterious anymore.


Let me know how you like to get inspired to do your makeup, send me a email, I’d love to hear from you.

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